Thoughts on Aging, Gracefully? You don’t

September 2012

When the heck did I become a Ma’am? I walked from work to the Port Authority the other night and three people stopped me to ask questions. “Ma’am could you tell me …”, “Excuse me Ma’am…”, “Ma’am could you take our picture?” I swear last week I was a Miss, now all of a sudden I’m a Ma’am. (sigh)

Feels sort of similar to when my secretary told me she knew who the three Beatles were.

Or when the two receptionists at my Chiropractor’s office were talking about this lady they knew “She is “grandmother age”, like 42!”

The only good thing about aging is you don’t care about fitting in anymore. You don’t worry about wearing the cool clothes, having cool friends, finding a cool boyfriend. I guess basically because you are not cool anymore and could care less about “cool”. You are happy you can still fit into the clothes you have, you hug your friends (especially those you have know since First Grade), and your “boyfriend” is your husband who has been at your side for 25 years. Now that’s COOL!

There are so many of us who are an awesome 30 + more years! So Moresome ladies, what do you think is “cool” in your life? What is your “priceless”?

September 2013

I am sitting at a traffic light today and wondering how these “kids” managed to get their drivers licenses’. They are irresponsible. They do not pay attention. Half of them are on their cell phones. They are cutting people off. I cannot stand it. Jeez! When did I turn into my mother? I can actually remember telling my mother I was never going to be as “un-cool” as she was. Lord, I lied.

September 2014

I started BioIdentical Hormones.  It was that or kill someone.

September 2018

Today was a historical day.  Not only did I go to my first movie as a Widow all alone, but I got the senior discount.  BlackkKlansman for $9  This is the life!

I notice a habit of updating this Aging page once a year.  It is simply because I HAVE NO MEMORY AND CANNOT REMEMBER THAT I HAVE NOT ADDED TO IT FOR A YEAR!

February 2019

Yesterday I thought I would start documenting anything that stands out during my journey of coming off HRT. You see, they found two “uncertainties” on my mammo. Probably nothing. They did say “…they do not appear to have any cancer characteristics…”, which is good. My GP, who I have been spending a lot of time with lately for other reasons, referred me to a Breast Specialist. She is wonderful. She is having an MRI of the breast done this coming week to have a closer look before making any conclusions. I’m not worried but it just helped me make the decision to come off HRT. I remember starting many years ago mainly because of the depression, yes hot flashes and quality of life but the depression was overwhelming. The other day my first thought / fear was “I don’t want to become invisible”. That is what seems to happen to women of age. So, this morning I wake up and I check email and my Word of the Day email from Webster tells me “Senescence – the state of being old, the process of becoming old.” Well, good morning to you too Webster.


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